Saturday, November 26, 2016

No Photoshop for me. Subscription ran out. Blog moving to Patreon!

I don't know what I am going to do. I am still unemployed and now I have to pay if I want to keep using photoshop. They want a commitment for 12 months with huge penalties if you don't finish paying. They no longer sell a stand alone version like CS6. For $10 a month I get access to CC and Lightroom, that's really all I need, but I can't guarantee I will have $10 in the bank to pay every month. The only smart thing to do is pay it a year in advance so I don't have to worry about it later. $120. I need to shoot something! I need to shoot someone! I need to sell some goddamn books!
I will be redirecting my Domain to point at my Patreon Blog. There will still be public blog posts, but I am going to also offer subscriber content that you cannot get anywhere else to include Excerpts of unpublished works or works in progress, photoart, and youtube videos. See you there! Support me on Patreon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Will you support me on Patreon? Sign up for the "New Twitter"!

First, let me introduce to you what Patreon is. Patreon is your way to show appreciation for my efforts in writing and photography and gives you a way to help me build my art to a living income level. That being said, I will be creating exclusive content for my Patrons, both in writing and Photography.
Also, get signed up with, its like twitter but with #freespeech! @michaelhammor Add me when you get signed up. There is a small wait.

I was feeling a bit bored a few days ago, and I needed to show a potential employer what I can do for them, so I decided to set up a product shoot! It's been years since I shot product, but obviously, I still got it!

On Writing

I am in the process of transcribing the handwritten manuscript of Episode 5: The Beginning of the End into a word doc for publishing. Its about 50% completed. The hardest part, and what takes the most time, is I like to flesh out the scenes while I transcribe them. I write in a type of shorthand and rely on my brain t remember the fine detail, which it does. So 125 hand written pages should onmy be about 45 word doc pages if copied word for word, however this is probably going to end up around 60 plus, and then I still have to add the rest of this episode, so maybe 100 pages when done.
I posted a 2300plus word excertp from Episode 5 to my Patreon page for Patrons to enjoy!