Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lets talk about water during a natural or manmade disaster.

Lets talk about water during a natural or manmade disaster. 05/17/2014 0 Comments Lets look at a premise from Book 1, when our Girl finds some water in the tanks for the carwash at a truck stop. In the book its nearly 20 years since things went to crap. In reality, a disaster won't be such a long term event. On the average, a human needs about one gallon of water a day to survive. You lose water from sweating, peeing, and breathing. In the average American home, there is at least 50 gallons of potable water available if the water turns off for some reason. Where is all that water, you ask? In the water heater and the toilets! The average water heater is 40 gallons. Thats enough drinking water to last four people ten days. If you encounter this situation you must save this water for drinking. Do not wash yourself, clothes, pets, etc. I have gone weeks without showering before, its not going to kill you. Not having water to drink will. Most water heaters have a drain valve with a garden hose connection. That's how you get it out. Drain it into clean containers that you can seal. Do not reuse chemical containers! Now, toilet water. Your toilet tank holds about 8 gallons of water. The average American home has two toilets. That will give you 16 gallons of extra water, that's four more days of life for four people. You need to remove this water from the tank ASAP as most tanks leak. Store in clean containers. Its clean, hasn't touched poop or pee. You don't poop or pee in the tank, right? So, in total, you may have 56 gallons of water stored in your house for a disaster. Thats almost two months of life for one person, a month for two people, or fourteen days for four people. If you have an EVENT that lasts more than 14 days, you are probably screwed anyway. Imagine though, in those 14 days, it is highly likely the relief services are dropping bottled water and canned food to keep you alive. I am just posting this info to buy you a few days of life, in case you need it. Storing Water? How much should I store? What do I do if I am facing a long term event? We store five to eight cases of bottled water at our RV. We also have a 40 gallon water tank and a six gallon water heater. We just don't have room for more. If you have a garage, you could store alot more. I have seen people make bed frames out of cases of water. Stack them three deep then toss a sheet over it and plop your mattress on it. I made it my mission to learn where all the wells are within a mile of my residence. All are run by electric submerged pumps so it will take some work to get to the water, thats why I have the 14 day supply. I would have to remove the pump or figure out how to power it to pump the water. Most well pumps are 220v. My generator only produces 110v. If you can get the pump out of the well shaft you can drop a weighted section of PVC pipe and haul the water up that way. It will be hard work, but its better than dying. We also live only a few miles from the San Pedro River, which in other states wouldn't qualify to be a creek. Its about two feet wide and a few inches deep, but its water. Filter it with coffee filters or a homemade sand filter and boil it to be sure its safe. Hope this helps. Do not drink swimming pool water! Use it for cleaning, flushing, clothes washing, bathing etc. I don't care if your dog drinks it, it will kill you.