Sunday, May 13, 2018

Long time no post.

Hey everybody! It's been awhile, huh?

I have been really busy with work and school and survival.

I was laid off in September 2016 and we went through hell, again.

Now, I am back into a stable well paying job, so I have some free time to devote to writing now, which I will be getting back into.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

No Photoshop for me. Subscription ran out. Blog moving to Patreon!

I don't know what I am going to do. I am still unemployed and now I have to pay if I want to keep using photoshop. They want a commitment for 12 months with huge penalties if you don't finish paying. They no longer sell a stand alone version like CS6. For $10 a month I get access to CC and Lightroom, that's really all I need, but I can't guarantee I will have $10 in the bank to pay every month. The only smart thing to do is pay it a year in advance so I don't have to worry about it later. $120. I need to shoot something! I need to shoot someone! I need to sell some goddamn books!
I will be redirecting my Domain to point at my Patreon Blog. There will still be public blog posts, but I am going to also offer subscriber content that you cannot get anywhere else to include Excerpts of unpublished works or works in progress, photoart, and youtube videos. See you there! Support me on Patreon!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Will you support me on Patreon? Sign up for the "New Twitter"!

First, let me introduce to you what Patreon is. Patreon is your way to show appreciation for my efforts in writing and photography and gives you a way to help me build my art to a living income level. That being said, I will be creating exclusive content for my Patrons, both in writing and Photography.
Also, get signed up with, its like twitter but with #freespeech! @michaelhammor Add me when you get signed up. There is a small wait.

I was feeling a bit bored a few days ago, and I needed to show a potential employer what I can do for them, so I decided to set up a product shoot! It's been years since I shot product, but obviously, I still got it!

On Writing

I am in the process of transcribing the handwritten manuscript of Episode 5: The Beginning of the End into a word doc for publishing. Its about 50% completed. The hardest part, and what takes the most time, is I like to flesh out the scenes while I transcribe them. I write in a type of shorthand and rely on my brain t remember the fine detail, which it does. So 125 hand written pages should onmy be about 45 word doc pages if copied word for word, however this is probably going to end up around 60 plus, and then I still have to add the rest of this episode, so maybe 100 pages when done.
I posted a 2300plus word excertp from Episode 5 to my Patreon page for Patrons to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I tried a facebook Boost. I invested $7 for a 7 day promotion. Zero Sales, and three likes on the post, one of which was my mom. What a waste of money. I should have bought a carne asada burrito.

My books are now on 8 different vendors. Visit to check them out. Episode 1 is free on all platforms except for Kindle.

I revamped my website a bit.

I lost my job again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The best day ever!!

I had the worst day.

I went to Cochise College ( at lunch to sign up for 2 classes. I'm trying to finish up my degree program. Anyway, they have two floors. of course, the two departments you need are located on each floor. Of course, you have to run the stairs between these two departments several times to get things finalized. God forbid, they call up or down.
On one of these trips up the damn stairs one of my nice leather dress shoes decides to become a flip flop. The right one separated from the sole to the heel. Fuck. So I have to spend another two hours running laps on the stairs before I am finally finished. Flap Flap Flap!
I get back to work and finish out the day. Today my work consisted of drifting from desk to desk answering questions and giving unsolicited advice to my students as they worked on a solo project. At the very end of the day my boss walks up behind me as I am bent over getting small trash bags from my secret stash.
"What the fuck, Hammor?"
"What?" I ask, straightening up. I thought he was going to be pissed I had hidden some small garbage bags since the entire building was "out".
"Why is your ass hanging out of your pants?" he looks down and notices the OD Green duck tape holding my shoe together. "I know what I pay you and you're rolling in the big bucks. Fix your shit and buy some decent clothes!"
I frantically feel my own ass only to find a huge gap in the seam between the waist line and the pant itself stretching from my ass crack around to my right front pocket. I didn't feel the breeze because I have neuropathy due to a service connected condition. I faintly hear my coworkers giggling and snickering from the nearby cubical pen. FUCK ME.
I smoke a cigarette in my old truck before heading home. I get off post and my damn beast of a truck runs out of gas 10 miles early. I have been trying to calculate the gas mileage since the fuel gauge is malfunctioning. It fluctuates between ALL GONE and FOR SOME REASON ITS STILL GOING. Its a total crap shoot. Today apparently the gas mileage was 10 MPG. Thankfully I have a gas can for just such occasions.
So I am at home typing this waiting for other shitty shit to happen to make this day the best fucking day ever. Oh yeah, I have been trying to get my books to parse to all the vendors served by draft 2 digital. All my books are at all vendors, except Apple. Apple refuses to accept Episode 2: Aluminum Butterflies for some reason. Fuck You Apple! Fuck You in your Goat Ass! I am in the process of removing all my books from Apple.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Books update, Presidential Musings.

I am doing some updates to my books today on I decided that I need a wider marketplace than just My last foray with D2D didn't net me even $20 for the year I was with them. Pretty disappointing, really. But, I am willing to give them another shot. Now I will be updating my website with the new download links as they go live.

I don't often publicly talk politics, but this presidential race is a joke. I think Ashton Kutcher is pranking the whole country. We can't be reduced to Trump and Clinton for qualified candidates! This election more than any other has convinced me that votes do not matter. The president is always selected before hand and this is all a dog and pony show to appease the masses and give us the illusion of choice. The fact that an ordinary guy like me has no chance to be President should tell you enough. The Government no longer represents the People! Wake up!

A man that makes fun of retards and a woman that can't use email.

God help us all.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Authors: Do free promotions work?

Happy Fourth of July!

I always offer something for free for the Fourth, its a tradition. Do free promotions work or do they harm your sales?

In all honesty, this was the worst performing promotion I have had. I only had about 190 copies downloaded of the book I had offered. Usually its nearly 1000.

From all of those downloads I only received 4 sales of my paid titles. 4 sales total.

I think we are selling ourselves short with the free books. Its an act of desperation, like a plain girl in highschool spreading it for anyone that looks at her. No one likes desperation. Its pathetic.

It hurts our sales. Why would anyone pay for books when there are so many free offerings out there? I have 800 books on my kindle and I stopped downloading free books 2 years ago! I have bought two titles in the past 12 months, both by Alexia Purdy. I bought those because I love her work and to support a friend.

I think we are doing ourselves a disservice.

For the TL;DR crowd, free promotions don't work.