Monday, June 23, 2014

This is war!

The three of you that actually read this blog and pay attention to my website and promotion efforts may have noticed a slight increase in my promotions. That's because I am spending even more time promoting my ass off. I an constantly making new images to spam face book and twitter with.

The only way to get noticed, is to get noticed.

I am also planning to man a booth at the local Tractor Supply Market.

A sweet lady has given me a table. I am going to spend a small amount of cash that we cannot afford and have some 4x6 prints made up to autograph and hand out.

I am going to try to have the model that portrays the character of the Girl there for signing as well.

This is war. We have lost unemployment. It ran out. I have started selling things I love to feed my kid, whom I love more.

We need money. We need it now.