Friday, August 22, 2014

Food storage and rotation.

   I'll address an important topic in this post.

   Food storage and rotation is an important part of any preppers plan. I recently went through my stock and got a few surprises. I find that rice is hard to store. It is cheap, but if your family is like mine, we don't eat it fast enough. My rice had bugs! That doesn't mean you can't eat it, it’s just gross. Will your family eat buggy rice under normal circumstances? Probably not.

   I decided after losing 20 plus pounds of rice, that we don't need that much. I only stockpile what we eat. That is also part of my rotation program. We eat our preps! Novel, I know. Instead of buying 4 cans of soup, I buy ten. When we use it, I buy ten more. I put the new stock in the back of the pantry and move the old stock forward. I also write codes on the top of my cans so I can tell what they are without taking the entire cabinet apart. Writing the date on the bottom is something I commonly do as well.

   As I said before, I only stockpile what we normally eat. We have been receiving assistance from churches and food banks. Its food, but usually it’s the stuff no one ate and they donated it to get rid of it. Lima beans are good, just not 20 cans of Lima beans.

   If you notice no one is eating certain foods, stop stockpiling them and switch that money over to things they do eat. You don't need to run out to the store and buy $400 worth of non perishable food. Just buy twice as much every grocery trip till you feel you have what you need.

   Having enough preps is a personal consideration. What are you prepping for? I try to store up enough food to last for a month. I use the following formula. 3 cans of food per person, per day, plus one can of meat (Tuna, chicken, etc) per person per day. That's 120 cans of food for three people to last a month. You won't be starving, but you won't be full either.

   Make sure you keep nutrition in mind. Vary the foods you store. No one wants to eat nothing but Vienna sausages for a month. Trust me. I also store pasta and sauce. Pasta sauce is fairly cheap and pasta is the same. There is plenty of variety out there.

   Another thing to consider is spices and flavors. I stockpiled gravy packets, onion soup packets, spices, etc. It helps add flavor and variety to your diet. Nothing is worse than eating the same stuff every day. Having the ability to customize food flavors will do a lot for your moral in a less than ideal situation.

   Lastly, I store about 2 pounds of hard candy. It gives you a bit of energy, and if you have kids, it can make a bad situation better in seconds.

   I hope this helped.