Monday, July 4, 2016

Authors: Do free promotions work?

Happy Fourth of July!

I always offer something for free for the Fourth, its a tradition. Do free promotions work or do they harm your sales?

In all honesty, this was the worst performing promotion I have had. I only had about 190 copies downloaded of the book I had offered. Usually its nearly 1000.

From all of those downloads I only received 4 sales of my paid titles. 4 sales total.

I think we are selling ourselves short with the free books. Its an act of desperation, like a plain girl in highschool spreading it for anyone that looks at her. No one likes desperation. Its pathetic.

It hurts our sales. Why would anyone pay for books when there are so many free offerings out there? I have 800 books on my kindle and I stopped downloading free books 2 years ago! I have bought two titles in the past 12 months, both by Alexia Purdy. I bought those because I love her work and to support a friend.

I think we are doing ourselves a disservice.

For the TL;DR crowd, free promotions don't work.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Episode 4: Dancing with the Dawn is about to drop!

This installment is finally over!
It feels like it took forever to get this bad boy onto Amazon. I was working way too much to devote a lot of time to the effort.

Cover art was provided by Brendan Smith

People don't understand how much of themselves an author puts into their books or characters.

I am thinking of giving another try. They sell my books on other platforms. Last time I only made $17 for an entire year. I even suppressed my Amazon link and Amazon still outsold them.