Saturday, September 8, 2018

Getting things ramped up!

Ok. Yes. I know, it's been awhile.

What can I say? Life gets in the way. Writing isn't my primary income.

I started writing when I was laid off in 2013. My career field was flooded with candidates, but the number of open positions were few and far between. We ended up being virtually homeless, living in an RV on some abandoned property in the Arizona Desert.

After a few titles, some crappy fill in jobs, and some photography gigs, I managed to get back into my chosen career field in 2016... only to get laid off again! We managed to keep the crappy trailer we rented in a crappy trailer park.

My SOP for lay offs was to apply to everything I was even remotely qualified for, write books, and live off my meager savings.

I finished up my degree in May of 2017 which bumped me up like 35% in the field of available candidates. I was able to secure another position in my career field in April of this year. We were able to upgrade to a nice house a few miles from the crappy trailer park and psycho landlord.

What does this mean and how does it relate to writing?

It means I no longer have to work 3 part time jobs and go to college full time! It means I can spend time with my family and write again since I only devote 8 hours a day to work instead of 16.

I am currently working on the fifth episode of my Bedtime Tales From The Apocalypse project, The Beginning of the End. I have about 200 hand written pages to transcribe, ugh.
Then a whole bunch more to type to set the stage for the sixth and final episode in this serial novel, The End of the Beginning.

I am also working on the sci-fi project I began in 2013. I have about 50 something hand written pages to transcribe on that, not to mention the rest of the story that still needs to be vomited from my brain.

I lost the domain. Some french company snatched it up. That's ok. I'll get it back someday. For now, I have acquired BTFTA.COM and renewed MICHAELHAMMOR.COM. BTFTA.COM is specifically for the books written for that project and MICHAELHAMMOR.COM is for more general blogging. BTFTA.COM will point here until I can get a new website built up.

The goal for this year is to sell my books direct from my website, at a price cheaper than outlets, while pocketing more of the profits for myself. Most retailers keep 70% of what you pay! I didn't work thousands of hours on my writing to make someone else rich. Eff that!

I have added my books to a few more retailers for a total of 10! Episode 1: The Girl With No Name DOWNLOAD FREE!!! Episode 2: Aluminum Butterflies Episode 3: By Lantern's Light Episode 4: Dancing With The Dawn Episode 1 ALSO FREE DIRECT DOWNLOAD ALL FOUR BOOKS ON AMAZON

Thanks for staying loyal and stay tuned!,

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