Saturday, January 12, 2019

Outlines finished for Episode 5 and Episode 6!

Hey fans,

I recently finished the complete outlines for what I want to happen in Episodes 5 and 6. I also found the word file for Episode 5, however, I am still short 20 pages of the opening scenes, oh well.

The last Flight of the Passive Swindler is going strong.

Walford's: A Special Holiday Special is trucking along. I hope to finish for a Halloween 2019 release.

A Hunter's Blog is doing well and I am on the third creature encounter.

I am thinking of reviving another sidelined project but in all honesty, I should get something new published instead. You can drown in half completed projects.

I used to have more posts on this blog but, I took them down.


Oh, check out my subreddit, r/MichaelHammor.
Stay frosty.


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